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Upgrade to ANNUAL plan

If you have a monthly or quarterly Maply PRO or MAX subscription, you can upgrade it to ANNUAL plan to take advantage of lower total cost per year.

To upgrade, go to My Account → Subscription page and click MANAGE SUBSCRIPTION AND BILLING button, as in the screen below.

On the Billing page, you can see your current plan. Click Update Plan to start the upgrade.

On the Update your plan page, it gives you all the options. Yearly is the plan for Annual.

Click Yearly, you will see the price for Annual plan. Click Continue to upgrade.

Click Confirm on the confirmation page to finalize the upgrade.

You will be redirected to the Billing page and you can see your plan upgraded to Annual subscription.

Subscription page is also updated with the new plan.

Same as when creating your subscription, once the upgrade is completed, you will receive an invoice and receipt. You can download all your history invoices and receipts from the same page where you update your subscriptions.

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