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Map Change Protection

What is Change Protection?

Change Protection is a safety feature to prevent unintended changes to your maps. It is particularly useful in scenarios where:

  • The map holds significant importance and is frequently used.
  • The map is accessible to a large group of people, increasing the risk of accidental modifications.

How Does Change Protection Work?

Read-Only Mode: Once Change Protection is activated for a map, the map becomes read-only for all users. This means that:
  • No one, including the map owners, can modify or delete the map.
  • Layers, Locations, or any other items on the map cannot be changed or removed.
  • Any re-ordering of layers or view changes on the map will not be saved.

Activating and Deactivating Change Protection

info Note

Only the map owners have the authority to activate or deactivate Change Protection.

To Activate / Deactivate Change Protection:
  1. Navigate to your desired map.
  2. Look for the “Change Protection” option, which can be found in the map settings menu.
  3. Click or tap on “Activate / Deactivate Change Protection.”
  4. A confirmation message will appear to indicate the status of Change Protection.

Important Considerations

  • Remember to activate Change Protection for maps that are critical and widely accessed.
  • Deactivate Change Protection only when you need to make necessary changes or updates to the map.
  • Re-activate Change Protection once necessary changes are made.
  • Inform team members or map users when Change Protection is activated to avoid confusion.

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