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Getting Started

Usually geospatial data analytics can be very technical. But with Maply, this has been reduced to the minimum complexity. Everyone can get started with Maply in a few minutes and start creating awesome maps, such as heat maps and cluster maps. Even COG and route optimization becomes easily access...

Zip/Postal Code analytics

Have a list of Zip/Postal codes with you and wondering how they are distributed geographically? You can easily visualize them on the map with Maply, see them pinned on the map, or in heat map or in cluster view. We show you how to do it using an example, step by step.

Create a Geographic Heat Map

Heat Map is very intuitive for visualizing the density of location data. Maply supports weighted as well as non-weight heat map. Once a location layer is created with data, a heat map is automatically available.

Heat Map Controls

Maply gives you fine controls on the look and feel of your heat maps. You can customize them by changing the radius, opacity and color gradient. Any changes on the these parameters will be reflected instantly on the map, so you see the effects immediately and make adjustments till the visual is o...

Create a Network Map

Network map is a powerful tool to visualize supply chain flows, airline operations, trucking operations and logistics coverage. It is a unique capability of Maply, and not commonly available in other similar tools.

Get Driving Distance & Time in Batch

Using Network Maps on Maply, you can get driving distances and times between multiple location points in one batch, saving you time searching Google Maps one by one. This can support your decision making facility planning. The data table page also gives you summary of total driving distance and d...

Cluster View

When there are too many locations on the map, they will all cluster together and the map gets messy. In this case, you might want to switch to cluster view. Once a location layer is created, a cluster map is automatically available.

Create a Radius Coverage/Bubble Map

Radius coverage map is a useful and powerful tool to see which areas are under-served and which areas are over-served. This supports important decision for new opening locations of retail stores, restaurants, offices, schools, clinics, repair shops, etc.

Create a Store Locator

A well-integrated store locator can dramatically boost in-store traffic by guiding potential customers directly to your doorstep. Maply's interactive store locator can be seamlessly embedded into your website or other digital platforms, creating an effortless user experience.

Territory Map

A territory map, also called choropleth map, is a type of map in which areas (countries, states / provinces, counties, cities, districts, zip codes) are shaded or patterned in proportion to a measurement. It provide an easy way to visualize how a measurement varies across a geographic area or sho...

Share a map

Created an awesome map? Next is to share it with others. While you can always take a screenshot of the map and insert it into your documents or presentation slides or emails, there is an option to share the entire live map to your colleagues or friends, where they can zoom in and out, try out dif...

Center of Gravity (CoG)

When planning for a new facility, be it a new warehouse, or a distribution center, or a sales center, or a factory, or a new office, or a school, or a shopping mall, where the location should be is always an important question to answer. Center of Gravity (CoG) is a location where the sum of weig...

Save Current Map View

You can save the current map view (map center and zoom level) using the Save Current View option from map setting menu. Note that once a map view is saved, the map will not dynamically zoomed in and out with newly added or removed locations. To restore this dynamic ability of the map, you can rem...

Download sample datasets

Download sample datasets for trying out different features, including location map, heat map, cluster map, bubble map, network map. They covers tourist arrivals of top 50 countries, gaps stations distribution, population at states/provinces, GDP at cities, airlines networks. With this, we hope to...

Customized Marker Icons

Maply allows you to customize markers/pins by icons and colors. You can also upload your own images and use them as markers. We offers close to 200 icons for map marker/map pin customisation. To find the perfect icon, you can type keywords in the search box, and related icons will show up instant...

Location Marker Control Panel

From Maply's location marker control panel, you can easily adjust the size, color, transparency / opacity, and label, so you can customize the map to your unique needs and create a distinct map that appeals to you and your audience.

Publish a map

After creating an awesome map, you may want to share it with others. Maply enables you to publish your map to public so everyone with the link of your map can access it.

Embed a map

After creating an awesome map, you may want to share it by embedding it into your website, blog or other web pages. It’s really easy to do in Maply.

Export / Download a Map as an Image

After creating an awesome, you may want to take a screenshot of it and share it with your colleagues / friends. We have made this really easy for you. With just two clicks and 1-2 minutes of waiting, a full screen map will be downloaded to your device as an image.

Upgrade to ANNUAL plan

If you have a monthly or quarterly Maply subscription, you can upgrade it to ANNUAL plan to take advantage of lower total cost. Upon confirmation, your ANNUAL plan will start right away and a credit for the time unused on your existing plan will be returned to you.

Excel Geocoder

Geocoding is expensive. Google charges 5 USD for every geocoding requests. That's why Maply only allows 100 records per upload for addresses without geocodes for free. We want to introduce an awesome Excel geocoder for obtaining latitudes and longitudes, with which you can geocode thousands of ad...

Location Layer Batch Creation

It is easy and quick to create a single location layer. But when you need to create many location layers, say more than 10, you start to wonder if there an even faster way, to avoid all the repetitive clicks. Yes, we have you covered. Location Layer Batch Creation is the answer.

Map Zoom Level

With Maply, users can zoom in and out on the map. Zoom level 1 corresponds to a world map, and larger zoom levels zoom in at a higher resolution. The following list shows the approximate level of detail you can expect to see at each zoom level: 1: World, 5: Landmass/continent, 10: City, 15: Stree...

Download History Invoices and Receipts

We know invoices and receipts are important documents to you and your businesses. An invoice and receipt will be sent to your registered email as soon as a payment is made. In addition, you can also download your history invoices and receipts from your subscription page. Here are the steps to gui...

Create optimized driving routes

You are a saleperson and you need to visit 9 customers who are all at different locations quite far apart. There are more than 1.8 million possible routes to visit all those 9 customers. Which one is the best? Maply can help you identify the most time saving driving route in no time with just a f...

Display transit, traffic and bicycle path

Maply supports you to see public transit, subway or metro lines in and around the cities, real time road traffic conditions, and bicycle paths, when each respective layer is turned on. Powered by Google Maps, you can expect one of the largest worldwide coverage including most countries and cities...

KML File Support

Maply supports KML file upload and display. You can create a KML layer and attach a KML file to it. It will be shown together with other layers on the map. Similar to other types of layers, you can switch it on and off, rename it and delete it later if not needed any more. Note: this feature is n...

Multiple layers

With Maply, you can group your data into different buckets and create a layer for each of them. Each layer can be turned on and off separately. With overlapping and visibility control, you get better insights and understanding of your data.

Update a location / Correct a misplaced location

At Maply, we utilize Google Maps' geocoding engine for superior accuracy. However, occasional inaccuracies can occur. For those rare instances, Maply offers a couple of straightforward correction methods.

Hyper location layer

The Hyper Location Layer is designed for visualizing a substantial number of locations on the map, specifically those datasets exceeding 5,000 locations. Unlike conventional location maps, the Hyper Location Layer efficiently displays vast numbers of individual pins with optimal performance.

Map Change Protection

Change Protection is a safety feature implemented to prevent unintended changes to your maps. Once Change Protection is activated for a map, the map becomes read-only for all users. Only the map owner has the authority to activate or deactivate Change Protection.

Display Your Logos on Your Maps

As a Maply MAX subscriber, you are empowered to elevate your brand's visibility. Take advantage of the ability to showcase your logo on your custom maps created with Maply. This feature not only amplifies your brand presence but also ensures that your brand identity is seamlessly maintained acros...

Hexagonal Heat Map

A Hexagonal Heat Map provides a visually appealing and effective method for presenting geospatial data. The radius is determined based on actual distance rather than being pixel-based, enabling a more precise and geographically relevant representation of data.

Maply Team Plan

Maply Team enables organizations to purchase multiple Maply PRO or MAX subscriptions in a single package. This plan is ideal for teams looking for a streamlined and cost-effective solution to access Maply's advanced mapping features.

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