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  1. How can I change my distance unit to miles?
    You can change your distance unit from Kilometers (KM) to Miles (MI) on My account > Map Settings page.
  2. I had attempted to upload my excel spreadsheet but I always receive an error message saying it was not the correct format. How to resolve this?
    For location layer, bubble layer and network layer, there are specific templates that need to be uploaded. Please make sure you are using the correct templates.
    You can also download a sample dataset and replace the pre-filled data with your own.
    Please do not delete any columns in the template.
  3. I only have postal codes. Can I use Maply for mapping?
    Yes. You can fill up the location upload templates and create a location layer and upload that template to the layer. Please also fill up the country column in the template as it is a required field. For more details, please see Postal code Analytics page.
  4. I am slightly confused about the longitude and latitude and how I get this data - do I have to find this myself with another app or does Maply have the capability to assist internally?
    If you don't have longitude and latitude information, you don't have to fill them up in the upload template. They are optional. Just leave them blank and Maply will geocode the addresses and locate them on the map. We use Google Maps as the geocoding engine, so you can expect best-of-class accuracy.
  5. Can I customize the pins or markers on the map?
    Yes, you can use customized icons and even your own images. Please refer to Customized Map Markers for how to do that.
  6. Can I use my own images / logos as pins of locations on the map?
    Yes, Maply supports image icons for your locations on the map. Please refer to Use your own images as location markers to learn more.
  7. Can I upload multiple times into the same layer?
    Yes, you can. However, do note that there are a limit of items for each layer. Please refer to pricing page for usage limits.
  8. I accidentally uploaded the same data twice. Can I undo an upload?
    Unfortunately there is no way to undo an upload. What you can do however, is to delete the affected layer and re-create that layer again from your upload template. If you already have all locations in the template, it shouldn't take much time.
  9. Some of my locations are wrongly placed. How do I correct them?
    At Maply, we utilize Google Maps' geocoding engine for superior accuracy. However, occasional inaccuracies can occur. For those rare instances, Maply offers a couple of straightforward correction methods. Click here to learn more.
  10. Will non-english data inputs be accepted?
    Yes, it's totally fine to use non-english inputs. They will be displayed the same way as they are input.
  11. Can I export/download the map I created?
    Yes. Go to your map, and click the three-dot icon next to the map title, and you will see “Export current view” option. After clicking it and in a short while, the map as in the current view will be downloaded as an PNG image to your device.
  12. How can I add legends or keys to the map?
    Unfortunately, currently legends are only available for territory maps. This is in our development pipeline and we hope to bring this feature online soon.
  13. What’s the usage limits of Maply?
    Please refer to pricing page for usage limits
  14. Is there a way to change the colour and size of all pins, instead of changing them one by one?
    Yes. You can use the location control panels to do that.
  15. Can I create a heat map with each location having a different weight?
    Yes, weighted heatmap is supported by Maply. Please see Heat Map page for more info.
  16. How do I change the display language of the map?
    The language of the map follows your browser language settings. To change your browser language, follow the instructions here.
  17. Can I change the default settings for new maps?
    Yes. After loggin into Maply, on My Account > Map settings page, you can change the default setup for new maps.
  18. Is there an option to upload KML or KMZ files?
    Yes, KML files are supported by Maply. Click here to learn more. KMZ files are currently not supported.
  19. Is there an option to show public transit on the map?
    Yes, public transit is supported by Maply with worldwide coverage. Click here to learn more.
  20. Can I get travel / driving distance and time using Maply?
    Yes, you can get driving distance and time between multiple locations in one go, by first creating a Network Map, then choose Get Driving Distance option from layer menu. Please refer to Get Driving Distance page for more details.
  21. How does Maply calculate the Center of Gravity (CoG) for my locations?
    Center of Gravity (CoG) is a location where the sum of weighted distances to each destination is minimized. Maply uses proprietary algorithms for this calculations, which are confidential. For more details, please refer to Center of Gravity Help page for more details.
  22. Is it possible to use driving distance for CoG calculation, instead of flying distance?
    Unfortunately, this is not available yet. We might make this available in the future. Will keep our users posted when this is an update on this.
  23. Can I disable the information window popping up when my mouse hovers over items added to the map? This can become quite annoying sometimes.
    Yes, you can disable the information window popping up automatically on mouse over. Go to your map, click on the three-dot icon next to your map title and choose "Disable Popup on Hover", slide the switch to the left (it will turn grey), and click "Update Map" button. With this, the information window will only pop up when the objects added to the map are clicked on.

    You can re-enable this Popup on Hover again after you disable it.

  24. Do you provide training on the use of Maply?
    Indeed, we do! As part of our commitment to our paid subscribers, we offer comprehensive training sessions on how to effectively use Maply. To schedule your training, please head over to our Contact Us page. This dedicated support ensures you're well-equipped to leverage all the features that Maply has to offer.
  25. Can I request for a demo of Maply?
    Absolutely! We would be delighted to provide you with a personalized demo of Maply. To make arrangements, simply visit our Contact Us page and request a demo. If possible, please share any specific challenges or pain points you're experiencing. This will enable us to tailor the demonstration to your needs, ensuring you gain the maximum benefit from our time together.

Account and Billing

  1. What should I do if I didn’t receive a confirmation email?
    Click here to request for another confirmation email.
    If still doesn't work, contact us at this page and we will activate your account right away.
  2. How do you handle my credit card information to make sure it is not used for any other purposes?
    Maply use Stripe to process card payments, where all card details are encrypted at rest with AES-256.
    For more information, please refer to Security at Stripe. At Maply, we don't store any of your credit card information on our server to minimize security risk.
  3. Will I get an invoice and receipt for my paid subscription?
    Absolutely. Your registered email will receive a PDF invoice and receipt instantly once your payment for the paid subscription is successful. You can also download all history invoices and receipts.
  4. Where can I download my history invoices and receipts?
    You can download all history invoices and receipts by following instructions here, provided you have an active subscription. Otherwise, you should still have them in your inbox. If you have lost them, don't worry, drop us a note and we will send a copy to you.
  5. I have subscribed to the Maply monthly / quarterly plan. How can I upgrade it to the Annual plan?
    You can do this on My Account / Subscription page. Simply click on "UPGRADE TO ANNUAL PLAN" button to get started. Upon confirmation, your annual plan will start right away. You will be charged with price of the annual plan, minus a credit for the time unused on your existing plan.
  6. Can I change to another card other than the card used during the initial subscription for future payments?
    Sure. You can change your payment method on My Account / Subscription page. You can add a new card, update an existing card, or remove a card. You can also change the default card for payment..
  7. How do I cancel my subscription?
    You can cancel your subscription to Maply Pro on My Account / Subscription page. You will still have access to your paid subscription till the end of the subscription period you have paid for.
  8. What will happen to my maps and data if I cancel my paid subscription?
    When your paid subscription expires, the FREE plan will kick in. All maps and layers created under paid subscription will remain safe and sound, but you will not be able to create new maps or layers if FREE plan limits are exceeded.
  9. Can I reactivate my subscription after I cancel it?
    Yes, you can if your subscription has not expired yet. You can do this on My Account / Subscription page. You will not be charged until your subscription is renewed.
    If your subscription has already expired, you can re-subscribe from the Pricing Page and it will be treated as a new subscription.
  10. How do I delete my account?
    You can delete your account from My Profile page. All your maps and data will be deleted. This cannot be undone. If you have any paid subscription, it will also be cancelled.
  11. What is the refund policy?
  12. Do you offer a trial account?
    Yes, we do! At Maply, we believe in letting our customers experience the value we provide first-hand. That's why we offer a 'Free Forever' plan that includes most of the features available in our paid subscriptions, albeit with some usage restrictions. This allows you to truly understand the power of Maply at your own pace, without any financial commitment. For more detailed information on what's included in this plan, please visit our Pricing Page.
  13. What is the currency on the pricing page?
    Our pricing currency is U.S. Dollar (USD).
  14. Where is Maply's data center located?
    Maply is hosted in an AWS data center located in the US East (Ohio) Region, United States. This region was selected for its robust infrastructure and compliance with top-tier security standards, ensuring the highest levels of data security and reliability for our users.

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