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Enhance your insights into geospatial data by putting them on the map. Get a whole new perspective. Discover the hidden values.


Tell your stories with custom-made maps and visualizations. Look awesome in front of your colleagues. Get your message across and consensus built.


Take advantage of the intuitive UI design. Maply is built in a way that no training is required. Get your experience of mapping transformed.


Get one of the most extensive global coverages that includes most countries and territories on earth, powered by Google Maps Platform.


Take your maps wherever you go. Maply is cloud native and fully digital, works on any device with a browser - desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones, across operating systems.


Get the savings you deserve. Maply is an enterprise level product packed with powerful features and tools, made accessible to every business and professional, at consumer level pricing.


Heat Map

Heat Map is very intuitive for visualizing the density of location data. Maply supports weighted as well as non-weight heat maps.

Cluster Map

When there are too many locations on the map, they will all cluster together and the map gets messy. In this case, a cluster map comes in handy.

Network Map

Network map is a powerful tool to visualize supply chain flows, airline operations, trucking operations and logistics coverage. It is a unique feature of Maply that is not available from most other mapping solutions.

Radius/Bubble Map

Radius coverage map is a powerful tool, which can reveal which areas are under-served and which areas are over-served. This information is very valuable for new openings for retail stores, restaurants, offices, schools, clinics, repair shops, etc.

Zip/Postal Code Analytics

Have a list of postal codes with you and wondering how they are distributed geographically? You can easily visualize them on the map with Maply.

Center of Gravity

Given a list of locations, Maply can identify the Center of Gravity (CoG), a point where the sum of weight distances to each location is minimized, to support decision making on site selection.

Route Optimization

Visiting multiple locations and want to know how to do this in the most time and fuel saving route? No problem. Maply can help you to calculate the most efficient driving route for up to 50 locations.

Batch Driving Distance

Using Network Maps on Maply, you can get driving distances and times between multiple location points in one go, saving you time searching Google Maps one by one. Get support for your decision making facility planning.

Location Layer Batch Creation

Creating a location layer takes a couple of steps. But when you need to create many location layers, say more than 10, you start to wonder if there an even faster way, to avoid all the repetitive clicks. Maply has you covered with Location Layer Batch Creation.

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Store locator example

Make a store locator with Maply

Embed it right into your websites or other digital platforms. Let your customers easily find your business near them.

Propel your business to new heights with a user-friendly, elegant store locator by Maply!

What People Say

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    Maply is a wonderful platform to share your maps with anyone you need and is especially useful to small businesses like mine. Their customer service is outstanding and they're constantly striving to improve their product. As a happy user, I can highly recommend it.

    Daniela Azzip Trips

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    Maply is excellent, and was by far the best option I could find when I needed to simply map customers onto a map to show market coverage and size. Love your product!

    Darryl Gregory

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    Maply is a great tool and really easy to use. I really appreciate the work you've done in the past responding to my feedback and I love how the tool gets better each time I come back to it.

    Lauren Alati

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    Great app with a highly functional free tier. I can see myself upgrading once I start diving into larger datasets.


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    It's very useful for mapping locations on the map. Visualize my customer's location which helps me to understand where they are located. Maply enables me to put locations on the map quickly, and shows me the heatmap and cluster map, automatically. It can support a large number of locations, for me, up to 3000 locations.

    Harry L.
    Key account manager

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    Excellent product! Clearly displays a data set in a simplified manner. Amazing customer service!

    Harry Saunders

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