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Publish Your Maply Maps

After creating an awesome map, you may want to share it with others. Maply enables you to publish your map to public so everyone with the link of your map can access it.

What happens after a map is published to public?
  • Everyone with the link of the map has read-only access.
  • Read-only access includes the ability to switch on/off individual layers, switch between different views (heat map, cluster map, markers).
  • No registration of Maply account is required to access the map
  • Search engine won’t automatically discover this map unless someone shares the map link on a website
  • How to Publish a Map

    After a map is created, click the three-dot icon next to the map title, and you will see the “Publish” option, as shown in the image below.

    Click “Publish” option, and a pop-up appears. Activate the publish option as shown in the two images below.

    Click “Publish Map” button to confirm.

    A message appears to confirm that the map is now public and accessible by everyone.

    You can now copy the URL link of the map from the address bar of your browser and share it with others.

    Note: Published maps require an active PRO or MAX subscription for public access. They will become unavailable once the subscription expires.

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