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Maply Team Plan

Maply Team enables organizations to purchase multiple Maply PRO or MAX subscriptions in a single package. This plan is ideal for teams looking for a streamlined and cost-effective solution to access Maply's advanced mapping features.

Centralized Billing

Simplify your subscription management with one centralized bill for all team members.

Easy Member Management

Add new members or manage existing ones with just a few clicks. Each added member automatically gains access to the Maply PRO or MAX features, based on your team's subscription.

One Subscription Type

Choose between Maply PRO or MAX for your team. Mixing different subscription types within the same team is not supported at this moment.

Flexible Administration

Assign multiple owners for decentralized management while maintaining a single primary owner for subscription oversight. Owners can add new members and manage existing members.


Start with a minimum of five users and expand as your team grows. Adjustments to your team size can be made anytime, offering flexibility as your needs change.

Affordable Pricing

Enjoy the benefits of Maply Team starting at $10 per user per month, billed annually.

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