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Hyper Location Layer

The Hyper Location Layer is designed for visualizing a substantial number of locations on the map, specifically those datasets exceeding 5,000 locations. Unlike a standard location layer, the Hyper Location Layer efficiently displays vast numbers of individual pins with optimal performance.

Below is a table highlighting the distinctions between the standard Location Layer and the Hyper Location Layer. As illustrated, the Hyper Location Layer becomes especially advantageous for datasets exceeding 5,000 locations. However, for smaller datasets, the regular Location Layer remains a reliable and effective choice.

Standard Location Layer
(for <50K locations only)
Hyper Location Layer
Display individual pins for < 5000 locationscheckcheck
Display individual pins for > 5000 locationscheck
Heat Mapcheckcheck
Cluster Mapcheck
Hexagonal Heat Mapcheck
Image Iconscheck
Center of Gravitycheck
Route Optimizationcheck

The process of creating a Hyper Location Layer is exactly the same as creating a standard location layer, except that you need to select "Add a Hyper Location Layer", instead of "Add a Location Map Layer", when adding a new layer, as in the screenshot below.

Raidus Map Example

info Important Note

When the number of locations on a standard location layer exceeds 50K, it will be converted to a Hyper Location Layer automatically.

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