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Embed Your Maps into Your Websites

Once you've crafted a captivating map using Maply, you might wish to feature it on your website, blog, or other digital platforms. The embedding process is remarkably straightforward with Maply.

Prior to embedding a map, ensure it's published publicly, providing read-only access to all viewers.

Upon publishing, locate the three-dot icon adjacent to the map title, where you'll find the "Embed" option as illustrated below.

Select the "Embed" option, triggering a popup that displays a two-line code. This code can be inserted into your website or other platforms like Notion.

There's an option to include or exclude the menu panel. By default, the option is checked, enabling a panel that lists all available map layers for embedded map users. They have the ability to toggle each layer on and off, allowing them to view the map from varying perspectives.

Users can transition between marker view, heat map view, and cluster view for location maps. Additionally, they can access the data underpinning each layer.

However, if you'd prefer not to display this feature, simply uncheck the "Include menu panel" option.

tips_and_updates Pro Tip

The dimensions of the map are adjustable. For instance, you can modify the width and height as shown below.

width='100%' height='550'

warning Important Note

Embedded maps require an active Maply PRO or Max subscription. They will become unavailable once the subscription expires.

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