Geolytics Rebranding to Maply

July 5th, 2021

Geolytics, a leading cloud-based mapping application, today announced the rebranding to Maply.

With map as the center of the application, Maply better reflects our purpose, which is to provide a super easy-to-use, massively accessible mapping application with best-in-class features. Maply empowers businesses, organizations and professionals to see your location data come alive on the map.

Effective immediately, our new web address will be Users will be directed to this new address when accessing Maply from the old one.

For Geolytics users, no change is required from your side. All your maps and data will be safe and sound, and will continue to be accessible as usual, under the new brand with the same look and feel. All existing links will continue to be working for at least 2 years from July 5th, 2021.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Maply Team

About Maply

Maply, previously known as Geolytics, is a super easy-to-use mapping application for visualizing and analyzing location based data, or geospatial data. It turns your location data into custom-made heat maps, radius maps, network maps and territory maps so you can see your data with better clarity. It helps you to discover hidden value and get new insights.

In addition, Maply provides advanced calculations, such as calculating Center of Gravity of locations and creating optimized travel route, to support property and facility planning and route planning.

Designed and developed by a passionate and experienced team, Maply has an intuitive interface, accompanied with helpful guides that assumes no prerequisite knowledge. It is really made for everyone, from students, teachers, small and medium businesses and organizations to multinational enterprises. Powered by Google Maps Platform, Maply provides one of the largest global coverage that includes most countries and territories on earth.

Maply is cloud native and fully web-based, accessible on any devices with a modern browser and internet, including PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones, across different operating systems.

Maply has a fully working FREE plan that requires absolutely nothing other than a simple registration of account, to start accessing its powerful features, such as heat maps, radius maps, network maps, territory maps, customized icons, Center of Gravity, Route Optimization. A generous amount of quota has been provided so people in small businesses can use it without any cost, forever. Our paid plans are priced in the range of consumer product level, making Maply truly accessible and affordable to every business and professional.

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